Aussies love to celebrate Australia Day on the beach--nn--All Aussies get a day of work each year on 26 january to celebrate the arrival of the First Fleet. It was this day in 1788 when Arthur Philip arrived in Sydney Harbour after a nine month journey with the first shipment of 770 prisoners in 11 ships and officially took posession of New South Wales ( the names Sydney and Australia were not yet thought of at that time) and became Governor. Therefore the day was also not celebrated as Australia day in years to follow but 'Foundation Day' although one tradition that will never change in this country was that "the anniversary of the foundation of the colony was observed in the traditional manner with drinking and merriment".--nn--Every state used to celebrate this day as it would see fit until in 1946, the Commonwealth Government, States and Territories agreed to observe Australia Day under one banner and on the same day.--nn--It was not until 1994 however, that all the states and territories endorsed the celebration of Australia Day on the actual day instead of the closest Monday. United Australia Day celebrations have been held on 26 January ever since.--nn--To many Aborigines this day means Invasion Day and they see no reason to celebrate, and on Australia Day 2008 Aborigine Adam Thompson burned an Australian flag in Tasmania in protest against "the atrocities committed against my people under the colours of that flag" as a crowd of about two hundred watched him.

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